We truly understand that it can be very difficult to decide when it’s time to place your loved ones in an assisted living facility.  Especially when you understand they love their own space and their independence to come and go as they please.  Everyone wants them to stay in their home as long as possible.  

When you notice that your loved ones begin to need assistance with some tasks in their home,
that’s where Senior Companion Check-in’s come in. 

When you see they can do some tasks independently, but they need help with others, such as driving to the store, cleaning the house or walking the dog, it’s time to give us a call.  When Senior Companion Check-In’s steps in and helps, we give them assistance, and you peace of mind.  We minimize your fear and worry that your loved ones are taking on tasks beyond their capabilities.

Your loved one becomes our loved one.

About our Senior Companions:

Our companions are healthy, non-disabled and under 65

Senior Companion Check-in’s Services:
  • Run errands 
  • Grocery / Personal Shopping
  • Light House Cleaning
  • Laundry 
  • Pet Care / Walking
  • Monthly Bill Paying 
  • Rx Prescription pick up / drop off
  • Doctor pick up drop off
  • Schedule appointments
  • Hair salon pick up drop off
  • Traveling Partner 
  • Car Maintenance appointments or Detailing            
  • Coordinate/Sit-In on Repairs and Deliveries

CPR/First Aid /TB Tested

CPR/First Aid /TB Tested


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