About me

Alicia Hodge is the founder and visionary of Miss Concierge Lady LLC.  As the provider of personal concierge services she understands that your “Time is Luxury”. Alicia brings a wealth of experience, with over 25 years in hospitality, senior accommodations, budgeting, organizational, and project management, which serve to make Miss Concierge Lady second to none in the industry.

Throughout her professional career, Alicia has built and established her reputation by providing Outstanding Client Service. Serving every client with exceptional energy, quality, and integrity. The meticulous attention to detail comes from the belief of placing herself in the shoes of the client. She treats their time and space with respect, discretion, and honesty as if it were her own. Professionalism is ALWAYS her First priority. Providing exceptional client service is a personal mantra in her life. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty. In the realm of concierge services in the Atlanta Metro area, Alicia always works hands-on. Alicia remains proactive to ensure that the Miss Concierge Lady brand will lead the market and provide exemplary services. Alicia’s client service experience, her natural eye for perfection, and her acute attention to detail empower her to be able to provide the ultimate world-class experience.

The Newest Luxury Is...


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